Terms, Conditions and Privacy

Now, this is all lots of fun, but I probably need to make a few things clear. This is a side project so I do not really support it. I reserve the right to refuse access, and my terms and conditions, which you accept by using the service/website, are basically that:

  1. This is a fun side project that I provide access to because other people expressed an interest in using it. Turns out it was actually useful!
  2. This is a totally unsupported, warranty-free service for which I can accept no liability for anything bad that happens, to anyone, ever, even if related to the use of this service.
  3. I will collect a small amount of data from you to run the service. This is stored and processed by me and is held on a "cloud server" where I have taken reasonable precautions to protect your data.
  4. I use Google Analytics to work out how many visitors this site gets and what they do. It is not personally identifiable, but it does put a "cookie" in your browser. If you don't wish that to happen please disable cookies in your browser.
  5. This service may stop working temporarily or permanently, your account may be denied or deleted, and I may change how the service looks or works. These terms and conditions may also change at any point. This is all highly unlikely, but I need to keep my options open. You’re not entitled to any notice of these things, but they will probably be announced on Twitter
  6. .

Finally, most of the people using this service will probably take their child back to their home and family and the child will have a safe, happy, healthy, comfortable life in a loving home. Not all. But most. For other children, the story is very different. If you think this silly little side project is useful then please consider making a donation to the Child’s i Foundation who place orphaned Ugandan children into loving family homes. DONATE HERE. Thanks.